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1. What is oddshelp.com

Oddshelp.com is an odds comparison tool for football matches where you can compare odds for your pick or for your accumulator from the top European bookmakers on the final result of the game and the over/under 2.5 goals.

2. How can I use oddshelp.com

Simply scroll over your selection and click on it. The best odds (from highest to lowest) for your pick will be automatically added to your coupon. If you want to add another selection on your coupon simply click on the new selection and the accumulated odds (from highest to lowest) for your multiple bet will appear on the coupon. You can add as many picks as you want and you can always check the odds for every individual selection by clicking on view bookmakers below every selection.

3. Why shall I use oddshelp.com?

If you are a football punter who bet on the final result of the match and the over/under 2.5 then this is the best tool for odds comparison you can get. You are simply one click away from comparing your selections. Even if you do not bet with the bookies compared on site, you can still check if you get a fair deal from your bookie.

4. What is the Change view option for?

There are 4 view options available:

a. Today light version
This view options displays matches of the most popular leagues of the same day

b. Today matches
This view options displays odds from leagues of 60 countries and all the competitions of the same day.

c. Light version
This is the default version and shows all the matches from the popular leagues of the next 3 days

d. Normal version
This view options displays odds from leagues of 60 countries and all the competitions for the next 3 days. It is not recommended for those who have slow internet connection because the more matches being displayed on site the slowest will be uploaded

5. How can I use Choose competition and Search button

By clicking Choose competition a dropdown menu will appear with all the competitions available on site. Simply select the competition you are interested in and click the go button. The odds from this competition, if available, will appear on site.

Alternatively you can write the team you are looking for on Search button and the odds for this team, if available, will appear on site.

6. How accurate are the odds at oddshelp.com?

Odds at oddshelp.com come from the bookmakers official web sites and are updated constantly. However due to the fact that odds are constantly changing, it is possible to occur differences between the odds shown at oddshelp.com and the odds at the official bookmakers sites. You are kindly advised to check the final prices at the bookmakers’ official sites.

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